pH Test Papers

pH Test Papers - Overview  

Highest quality pH test papers from MN for multiple applications

MN pH test paper

For decades MN has manufactured high quality pH papers that use indicator compounds to quickly and easily determine the pH value of a solution. MN offers multiple different papers that provide reliable pH testing for different applications. With MN pH test papers you can determine the pH value within seconds quickly and easily. Our year-long experience and proven production processes guarantee the highest quality pH test papers to meet our clients expectations.

pH value

pH expresses the acidity or basicity of a solution. It is a very important parameter that needs to be determined regularly in countless applications and industries. The pH value of a solution can be determined by using an indicator, which is a substance that causes a colour change depending on its pH value. The particular pH value can then be determined from the respective colour reaction.

pH test papers at a glance

Type Application
pH-Fix Our best-selling, non-bleeding pH test strips for many applications

PEHANON® pH measurements in colored solutions

Single Zone The proven standard with high quality color scale

DUOTEST Two indicator zones for more accurate readings

TRITEST Three indicator zones for highest accuracy

pH indicator paper
without color scale

Most simple differentiation between bases and acids