Cyanide Test Papers


Product Name Type Gradation of scale
or limit of sensitivity
Item # Order
Cyantesmo Yes/Notest paper 0.2 mg/L hydrocyanic acid (HCN) 90604
roll of 5 meter length $64.60  
QUANTOFIX® Cyanide Semi-quantitative test strips 0 1 3 10 30 mg/L CN- 91318
box of 100 strips & reagent $81.70  
VISOCOLOR® ECO Cyanide colorimetric test kit (refill pack) 0 0.01 0.02 0.03 0.05 0.07 0.10 0.15 0.20 mg/L CN- 931022
1 kit (~100 tests) $101.20  

Note: mg/L is equivalent to ppm

#90604 Cyantesmo

roll of 5 meter length $64.60  

This test paper allows the quick and easy detection of hydrocyanic acid and cyanides in aqueous solutions and extracts. They are for example formed in the manufacture of fruit brandies and are toxic even in low concentrations. To detect cyanides in solution, a drop of concentrated sulfuric acid is added to 10 ml sample. Hydrocyanic acid gas is formed and can be detected at the boundary layer between water and air.

Instruction Sheet (pdf)
Color reaction: pale green→ blue

#91318 QUANTOFIX® Cyanide

box of 100 strips & reagent $81.70  

These test strips allows the quick and easy determination of cyanide in solutions. The test strips come with all necessary reagents, so that measurements can be started immediately. Within 3 minutes one gets a reliable result. Cyanide is extremely poisonous. The lethal dose is 1 mg/kg weight. Careful control of the cyanide concentration is therefore essential, whenever cyanides are used for industrial processes like for example electroplating or gold-mining. Cyanide control is also important during the production of fruit-brandies made from stone fruits. QUANTOFIX® Cyanide test strips are the ideal choice to check cyanide concentrations quickly and safely.
Instruction Sheet (pdf)
Color reaction: white → violet

#931022 VISOCOLOR® ECO Cyanide

1 kit (~100 tests) $101.20  

Cyanide ions react with chlorine to form cyanogen chloride, which splits the pyridine ring and forms glutaconedialdehyde. By aldol condensation with barbituric acid a violet polymethine dye is produced.

Cyanide ions are very toxic because they block the iron of the respiratory enzyme and thus inhibit the oxygen transport. For humans 1 mg cyanide per kg body weight is considered lethal.

This test covers free cyanide and cyanide complexes which can be destroyed with chlorine. If interfering substances like heavy metal complexes, thiocyanate, sulphide, dyes or aromatic amines are present, a distillation according to DIN 38 405-D 1322 must precede the cyanide test.

For the determination of easily released and total cyanide as well as for the determination of cyanide in stone fruit spirits please contact MACHEREY-NAGEL for special instructions.

Instruction Sheet (pdf)
Shelf life: at least 1 year
Sea water suitability: yes, after dilution (I+3) Detectible with PF-12: yes