Moisture indicator #90801

Moisture indicator

Item#: 90801

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Pack Size: pack of 12 strips
Hazard Class /UN Number: Not Restricted
Storage Temp: Room Temperature

This test represents a simple method for the determination of the relative atmospheric humidity. It consists of a series of absorbent papers impregnated with various chemicals which change the colour or the paper from blue to pink or vice versa, according to the relative moisture of the air. The illustrated moisture indicator is supplied as 1 strip of adhesive 50 x 100 mm and permits readings for a range from 20 to 80 percent relative atmospheric humidity. It should be read at the point where the transition colour from pink to blue appears.
Limit of sensitivity: about 5 % relative moisture. Where temperatures are substantially above or below 20° C, corrections have to be made as follows: add 2.5 % relative moisture per 5 degrees temperature increase, or subtract 2.5 % relative moisture per 5 degree temperature decrease.
Note: Special sizes and presentations can be produced to customer's specification and design.

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