Potassium iodide starch paper MN 816 N standard grade #90754

Potassium iodide starch paper MN 816 N standard grade

Item#: 90754

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Pack Size: roll of 5 meter length
Hazard Class /UN Number: Not Restricted
Storage Temp: Room Temperature

This is a filter paper impregnated with potassium iodide (KI) and starch for the detection of nitrite and free chlorine. Nitrite or free chlorine oxidize potassium iodide to form elemental iodine which reacts with the starch in known manner. Colour reaction: white to blue-violet. Potassium iodide starch paper may be used by dipping it into the solution to be tested. More often, however, it is used in the manner of a spot test by applying drops of the solution to the paper. Depending on the type of application, we supply three grades differing in absorption properties and paper surface: MN 816 N standard grade Cat. No. 90754 MN 260 HE high sensitivity grade Cat. No. 90757 MN 616 T recommended for spot tests Cat. No. 90758 Limit of sensitivity: 1 mg/l nitrite, 1 mg/l free chlorine Recommended application: end point detection during diazotations (for this reason, potassium iodide starch paper is sometimes called Diazonium paper); general test for organic substances Instruction Sheet

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