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Turmeric paper

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Pack Size: box of 200 strips
Hazard Class /UN Number: Not Restricted
Storage Temp: Room Temperature

Turmeric paper is a filter paper impregnated with curcumin, the yellow dye extracted from the roots of Curcuma tinctoria (yellow ginger). It is used to detect boric acid and borates.Color reaction: yellow « red; oxidizing agents and iodide interfereApplication: The solution to be tested is acidified with dilute hydrochloric acid (pH 1 û 2); the turmeric paper is dipped into this solution and allowed to dry. Depending on the borate concentration the yellow paper turns orange to red. When the dried reaction zone is dipped into concentrated sodium hydroxide solution (NaOH), it turns greenish-black in the presence of boron compounds. The yellow turmeric paper will change color from yellow to brown-red with bases. Limit of sensitivity: 20 mg/l boron

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