Iron test paper #90726

Iron test paper

Item#: 90726

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Pack Size: box of 100 strips
Hazard Class /UN Number: Not Restricted
Storage Temp: Room Temperature

This test paper is used for the rapid detection of iron ions (Fe 2+ and Fe 3+ ). These ions form brownish-red spots on a yellowish-white background. Mn, Mo, Ti and vanadium, if present as the cation, interfere. Interferences caused by Mn, Mo and Ti can be circumvented, however, not the interference caused by V. After prolonged storage the sensitivity may decrease. In this case wait 1 to 5 seconds for evaluation. Limit of sensitivity: 10 mg/l Fe 2+ or Fe 3+ Instruction Sheet Note: For specific detection of iron(II) (Fe 2+ ) we recommend our dipyridyl paper. (For semi-quantitative test see Ref 91344 or 91330, QUANTOFIX® Iron)

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