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Pack Size: box of 40 pieces (25 x 40 mm)
Hazard Class /UN Number: Not Restricted
Storage Temp: Room Temperature

This test paper is recommended for the detection of metallic lead and lead salts on surfaces and in solutions. PLUMBTESMO® is white when dry and turns yellow when wet (must be moistened prior to the test). Lead is indicated as pink to deep red-violet coloration. PLUMBTESMO® is also used as an indicator for lead in automobile exhaust pipes, when leaded gasoline has been burnt. Interference by tellurium, silver, cadmium barium and strontium can be circumvented.

Limit of sensitivity: 0.05 microgrm on surfaces or as a lead salt in solid form; 5 ppm lead2+ in solutions.

Note: For detection of metallic lead or lead salts on sufraces, moisten the test paper with distilled water and press it against the surface to be tested for about 1 or 2 minutes. Large quantities of lead are indicated immediately, smaller quantities after a few minutes. The evaluation shoud be made within 15 minutes.

Presentation: box of 40 sheets (25 x 40 mm) Instruction Sheet

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