Cobalt Test Papers


Product Name Type Gradation of scale
or limit of sensitivity
Presentation Product #
Cobalt test paper Yes/No test paper 25 mg/L CO2+ box of 100 strips (20 x 70 mm) 90728
QUANTOFIX® Cobalt Semi-quantitative test strips 0 · 10 · 25 · 50 · 100 · 250 · 500 · 1000 mg/L CO2+ box of 100 strips 91303

Note: mg/L is equivalent to ppm


#90728 Cobalt test paper

$32.55/box of 100 strips (20 x 70 mm)

This test paper allows the quick and easy detection of Cobalt (Co2+).
This test paper can also be used for non-destructive testing of materials. Apply a drop of acid solution (50 ml hydrogen peroxide 3 % + 7.5 ml o-phosphoric acid 85 % + 5 ml hydrochloric acid 37 %) to the degreased surface. After 30-60 seconds absorb the liquid with the test paper. In the presence of cobalt a blue color appears. The intensity of the color varies according to the concentration. With this procedure cobalt contents >0.5% are safely detected.

 Instruction Sheet (pdf)
Color reaction: blue → white    

#91303 QUANTOFIX® Cobalt

$37.80/box of 100 strips

This test strip is for the rapid and reliable determination of cobalt in solutions. The easy dip-and-read-procedure provides a reliable result within 20 seconds.
Cobalt is also used for metal alloys and can in other compounds be part of catalysts. QUANTOFIX® Cobalt is used to monitor waste water and for non-destructive testing of materials.
 Instruction Sheet (pdf)
Color reaction: white → blue-green