Chromium Test Papers


Product Name Type Gradation of scale
or limit of sensitivity
Presentation Product #
Test Paper (chromate detection)
Yes/No paper 2 mg/L Cr3++ or 5 mg/L CrO42- box of 200 strips (20 x 70 mm) 90724
QUANTOFIX® Chromate Semi-quantitative test strips 0 · 2 · 10 · 30 · 100 mg/L CrO42- box of 100 strips + reagents 91301
VISOCOLOR® ECO Chromate (VI) Colorimetric test kit (refil pack) 0 · 0.02 · 0.05 · 0.10 · 0.15 · 0.20 · 0.30 · 0.40 · 0.50 mg/L Cr(VI) kit (sufficient for 140 tests) 931020

Note: mg/L is equivalent to ppm


#90724 Chromium Test Paper (chromate detection)

$32.55/box of 200 strips (20 x 70 mm)

This test paper allows the quick and easy detection of Chromate (CrO43-). Cr(III) ions must be converted to chromate prior to the detection.
For non-destructive testing of materials apply a drop of acid solution (1 part hydrochloric acid 37 % + 4 parts hydrogen peroxide 3 %) to the degreased surface. After 10-30 seconds add a drop sodiumhydroxyde (NaOH). Press the test paper onto the precipitate then put it into diluted sulfuric acid. In the presence of chromium, a violet spot appears. With this procedure Chromium contents >0.1% are safely detected.

 Instruction Sheet (pdf)
Color reaction: white → violet    

#91301 QUANTOFIX® Chromate

$42.95/box of 100 strips + reagents

This test allows the quick and easy determination of Chromate in solutions. It comes with all necessary reagents so that the measurement can immediately be started. Within 30 seconds one gets a reliable result.
Many Chromate compounds are poisonous and carcinogenic. They are used for example in chrome plating and tanning. QUANTOFIX® Chromate is used for the easy monitoring of water discharged from such plants.
 Instruction Sheet (pdf)
Color reaction: white → violet



Chromate (VI)

$61.85/box of 140 strips

In sulphuric acid chromate ions react with diphenylcarbazide to form a red-violet dye. (Reaction basis according to DIN EN ISO 7393 G4-2)
 Instruction Sheet (pdf)
Shelf life: at least 1.5 years    
Sea water suitability: yes Detectible with PF-12: yes