Product Name Type Gradation of scale
or limit of sensitivity
Presentation Product #
QUANTOFIX® Calcium Semi-quantitative test strips 0 · 10 · 25 · 50 · 100 mg/L Ca2+ tube of 60 strips+ reagents 91324
VISOCOLOR® ECO Calcium titration test kit

1 drop =  5 mg/L Ca2+

kit (100 tests at an average calcium content of 50 mg/L Ca2+) 931012

Note: mg/L is equivalent to ppm


#91324 QUANTOFIX® Calcium

$66.15/tube of 60 strips

This test allows the quick and easy determination of Calcium in solutions. It comes with all necessary reagents so that the measurement can immediately be started. Within 1 minute one gets a reliable result.
Calcium is an important element in nutrition and is therefore tested in foodstuff. It is essential for the building of human bones. Lack of Calcium in the daily diet may lead to osteoporosis. The recommended consumption is about 1000 mg/day.
In combination with Magnesium, Calcium is responsible for water hardness.

 Instruction Sheet (pdf)
Color reaction: yellow → red    

#931012 VISOCOLOR® ECO Calcium


Calcium is widely distributed in nature, rocks and water. Water containing calcium and magnesium causes problems in industry as well as in households, since during boiling calcium carbonate is precipitated as detrimental boiler scale and since calcium ions inhibit the foaming of soaps.
 Instruction Sheet (pdf)
Shelf life: at least 1.5 years    
Sea water suitability: yes, after dilution 1+4 Detectible with PF-12: no