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Environmental Test Kits

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  Item # Description Pack SizePrice QTY Order
931006VISO ECO ALUMINUM1 kit (~50 tests)$67.60  
931010VISO ECO AMMONIUM 151 kit (~50 tests)$54.50  
931008VISO ECO AMMONIUM 31 kit (~50 tests)$53.30  
931012VISO ECO CALCIUM1 kit (~100 tests)$33.50  
931014VISO ECO CARBONATE HARDNESS1 kit (~100 tests)$43.50  
931018VISO ECO CHLORIDE1 kit (~90 tests)$55.00  
931015VISO ECO CHLORINE 21 kit (~150 tests)$45.30  
931021VISO ECO CHLORINE DIOXIDE1 kit (140 tests)$70.80  
931020VISO ECO CHROMATE VI1 kit (~140 tests)$58.90  
931037VISO ECO COPPER1 kit (~100 tests)$53.40  
931022VISO ECO CYANIDE1 kit (~100 tests)$76.10  
931023VISO ECO CYANURIC ACID1 kit (~100 tests)$85.00  
931024VISO ECO DEHA 1 kit (~125 tests)$89.10  
931030VISO ECO HYDRAZINE1 kit (~130 tests)$80.70  
931026VISO ECO IRON1 kit (~100 tests)$48.50  
931025VISO ECO IRON 11 kit (200 tests)$61.00  
931038VISO ECO MANGANESE1 kit (~170 tests)$64.50  
931040VISO ECO NICKEL CHEMICAL KIT 91 kit (~150 tests)$81.50  
931041VISO ECO NITRATE1 kit (~120 tests)$48.40  
931044VISO ECO NITRITE1 kit (~150 tests)$46.80  
931088VISO ECO OXYGEN CHEMICAL KIT1 kit (~50 tests)$57.90  
931084VISO ECO PHOSPHATE CHEMICAL KIT1 kit (~80 tests)$45.90  
931032VISO ECO POTASSIUM1 kit (~60 tests)$107.00  
931066VISO ECO Ph 4.0-9.01 kit (~400 tests)$46.80  
931301VISO ECO REAGENT CASEI case$255.00  
931305VISO ECO REAGENT CASE EMPTY1 case$198.00  
931033VISO ECO SILICA1 kit (~100 tests)$62.60  
931094VISO ECO SULPHIDE1 kit (~90 tests)$68.50  
931095VISO ECO SULPHITE1 kit (~60 tests)$46.80  
931090VISO ECO SWIMMING POOL (Ph + FREE CHLORI)1 kit (~150 tests)$63.00  

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