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QUANTOFIX Sulfate *For Research Purposes Only* *In warmer months, item may be required to ship cold*,

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Pack Size: box of 100 strips

Test sticks for the semi-quantitative determination of sulphate in solutions
Gradation of scale: 0 >400 >800>1200 >1600 mg/l SO 4 2 red to yellow
QUANTOFIX sulphate uses the same general principle as the AQUADUR test sticks.
Between pH 4 and 8 the reaction is independent of the pH value of the test solution. Strongly acidic samples have to be adjusted with sodium acetate, alkaline solutions are adjusted using tartaric acid.
The following ions interfere with the reading only above the indicated concentrations: >1000 mg/l BrO3-, ClO3-, CrO42-, SO32-, S2O52-, SEO32- Instruction Sheet

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