Chloride Test Paper


Product Name Type Gradation of scale
or limit of sensitivity
Presentation Product #
Saltesmo Test disc 0 · 0.25 · 0.5 · 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 ·5 g/L NaCl box of 30 test discs 90608
QUANTOFIX®Chloride Semi-quantitative test strips 0 · 500 · 1000 · 1500 · 2000 · ≥2000 mg/L Cl box of 100 strips 91321
Silver Chromate Paper Test paper Trace amount box of 100 sheets (2" x 2") SC-100
VISOCOLOR® ECO Chloride colorimetric test kit (refill pack) 1 · 2 · 4 ·7 · 12 · 20 · 40 · 60 mg/L Cl kit (sufficient for 90 tests) 931018

Note: mg/L is equivalent to ppm


#90608 Saltesmo

$87.20/box of 30 test discs

Saltesmo test discs are frequently used for the determination of salt (NaCl) in foodstuffs and in sea water. All reagents are impregnated on the paper, making the test very easy to use even for untrained persons. One simply has to pierce a hole into the disc using the needle supplied with the test and allow the disc to soak in the sample for 2 minutes. A discolored zone appears around the hole and the size is proportional to the chloride concentration in the solution.

 Instruction Sheet (pdf)
Color reaction: beige→ white    

#91321 QUANTOFIX®Chloride

$39.90/box of 100 strips

This test strip is for the rapid and reliable determination of chloride in solutions. The easy dip-and-read-procedure provides a reliable result within 1 minute.
Chloride ions occur in all natural waters. Their concentration depends on the geological and local situation. In waste waters and polluted rivers the chloride concentration can reach high values. In combination with Sodium, Chloride forms NaCl or table salt.
 Instruction Sheet (pdf)
Color reaction: brown → yellow



#SC-100 Silver Chromate Paper

$78.00/box of 100 sheets (2 x 2 in)

This paper tests for chlorides/halides.
Color reaction: beige→ white    

#931018 VISOCOLOR® ECO Chloride

$60.90/kit (sufficient for 90 tests)

Chloride ions react with mercuric thiocyanate to produce undissociated mercuric chloride and to liberate thiocyanate ions. In the presence of ferric salts these thiocyanate ions produce a characteristic orange colour.
 Instruction Sheet (pdf)
shelf life: at least 1 year    
Sea water suitability: no Detectible with PF-12: yes