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Phosphatesmo KM

Item#: 90607

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Pack Size: box of 25 papers (15 x 30 mm)
Hazard Class /UN Number: Not Restricted
Storage Temp: Room Temperature

Test paper for the detection of acid phosphatase. Application: detection of sperm spots in criminal investigations and forensic practice. The material to be tested is macroscopically checked for suspicious spots. Fabrics show a board-like appearance, and a bluish, white or yellowish fluorescence under a quartz lamp. The advantage of PHOSPHATESMO KM is that it permits û on the scene of crime û rapid indicative tests whether the suspicious traces contain sperms or not. The test papers are individually sealed in blue plastic foil and packed in plastic boxes. After use they may be replaced into the same foil and taken as proof for filing.Colour reaction: the test paper reacts with acid phosphatase (sperm spots) yielding violet spots on a white background. Specificity: PHOSPHATESMO is specific for acid phosphatase. Control tests with saliva, mucus, or female genital secretions give negative results. The reaction is not a suitable substitute for the microscopic determination of live spermatozoa. Instruction Sheet

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