Fluoride Test Paper


Product Name Type Gradation of scale
or limit of sensitivity
Presentation Product #
Fluoride test paper Yes/Notest paper 10 ppm NH4+ box of 200 strips (20 x 70 mm) F-100
Fluoride test discs Special test paper 0 2 5 10 20 50 100 mg/L F- box of 30 test discs with reagent 90734

Note: mg/L is equivalent to ppm

#F-100 Fluoride test paper

$35.50/box of 200 strips (20 x 70 mm)

The test paper allows the rapid detection of fluoride ions in solutions containing hydrochlorid acid. It is suitable for the safe and easy detection of dangerous hydrofluoric acid, which is used for example in computer chip production.

Color reaction: pink → yellow-white

#90734 Fluoride test discs

$85.05/box of 30 test discs with reagent

The fluoride test is especially suited for rapid control of fluoride concentrations. Its purpose is to define concentration ranges and to detect values which fall short of or exceed given limits. Chlorates and bromates cause white discolourations of the test paper. Addition of sodium dithionite (Na2S2O4) will circumvent this interference without affecting the fluoride test.
Instruction Sheet (pdf)
Color reaction: red → white